2015 Convention Rules

ORDER OF BUSINESS: The order of business shall be set forth in the agenda presented by the Weber County Republican Executive Committee and approved by the Convention.
TIME AND PLACE: The Convention will be called to order Thursday 23 April 2015 at Ben Lomond High School, Auditorium. Registration begins 5:00 p.m., Convention begins 6:00 p.m.
RULES AND ORDER: All parliamentary procedures, other than those specifically adopted by the Convention, shall be in accordance with the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised.
CONVENTION OFFICERS: The officers of this Convention shall be:
Convention Chair ………………………..Noall Knighton Credentials …Melissa Marler and Jan Perry
Sergeant at Arms ……….Terry Thompson, Sheriff Timekeeper ………………………. Chris Jenkins
Convention Secretary ……………………Melissa Marler Nomination/Election …………Noall Knighton
Rules and Order of Business ………….Noall Knighton Ballot Counting Chair …….…….Ricky Hatch
Parliamentarian ………………………….Bruce Anderson Sergeant at Arms………Sheriff Terry Thompson
Facilities Chair………………..Suzanne Ellison-Ferre Convention Vice-Chair…………..Lynda Pipkin
MOTIONS: Only duly elected delegates, convention officers, and members of the executive committee shall be eligible to make or second motions. Any Republican in attendance shall be qualified to speak to a motion, but only duly certi¬fied delegates shall be eligible to vote. A person shall be eligible to speak once to a particular motion and the time shall not exceed two (2) minutes in making, seconding, or speaking to a motion. The timekeeper will ask speakers exceeding the allotted time to relinquish the floor.
RESOLUTIONS: The time limit for each resolution shall be 5 minutes.
CANDIDATE RULES: Only Republican candidates who have properly filed for elected public office as required by law shall be considered by the Convention.
NOMINATIONS: Any Republican attending the Convention shall be considered eligible to nominate or second the nomination of a candidate for an elected office. A nominating and seconding speech is the candidate’s option but shall be considered part of the candidate’s allotted time.
CANDIDATES ALLOTTED TIME: Time allotments shall be as follows: Federal, State candidates, reports three (3) minutes each, and Weber County races three (3) minutes each .
Where there is more than one candidate for an individual office candidates will speak order of random drawing held by party officers. Only candidates will be allowed to speak. A representative is not an eligible replacement and will not be allowed to speak.
VOTING: Voting procedures shall be as follows:
1. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Unopposed candidates shall be elected by acclamation. Candidates will appear on the ballot in alphabetic order.
2. Only duly-elected, authorized, and certified delegates shall be eligible to vote. The vote of a non-attending delegate is forfeited and cannot be cast by an alternate.
3. Delegates shall present their credentials, obtain a ballot, vote and deposit their ballot in the ballot box.
4. Multiple Republican candidates for the same office:
A. Any candidate receiving 60% of the votes cast shall be the Party’s candidate in the General Election.
B. In the event that three or more candidates are nominated for the same office, the Convention shall use multiple ballots to choose Party nominees. The first ballot shall be used to reduce the number of candidates to three if more than three candidates participate or by one if three participate. Each following ballot shall drop the lowest vote getter until two candidates remain. The two top candidates shall participate in the final ballot.
C. A candidate for an office that receives 60% or more of the votes cast at any point in the balloting process shall become the Party’s candidate without the necessity of running in the primary election.
D. If any two candidates for the same office receive the same number of votes and a winner is required, the tie shall be broken by a flip of a coin by the Convention Chair.
STATE DELEGATES: The Weber County Republican Party has been allotted 282 Delegates to the State Convention. All State delegate positions were allocated for election at the precinct caucuses. Any state delegate positions not filled at their associated precinct caucuses will be reallocated to the appropriate House and Senate district and may be filled dur¬ing the legislative district caucuses at the convention using the following rules:

1. Only registered Republicans who reside in the same House and Senate district of the unfilled position are eligible to run for State Delegate. Credentials will be certified prior to the beginning of the convention.

2. Each Candidate shall be allotted 30 seconds to express qualifications to the caucus.

3. Each candidate may nominate himself/herself.

4. A nomination does not require a second.

5. Voting is by secret ballot.

6. Only certified county delegates from the same House and Senate district may vote, but any Republican of voting age by the General Election may be nominated.

7. Each delegate shall be allowed votes equal to the total number to be elected.

8. Any ballot with more votes than the total number allotted shall be invalid.

9. The persons receiving the most votes shall be duly elected state delegates. All ties will be decided by a flip of a coin by the District Chairman.

10. The number of State Delegates not filled are as follows:

All allocated state delegates were elected at the caucus meetings. None will be elected at convention.
CAUCUS: Caucus areas are provided by the Republican Party for each Legislative District. Any special interest group will provide its own caucus room and will not be considered a part of the Convention. In caucus, any Republican shall be qualified to speak to a motion. A person shall be eligible to speak once to a particular motion.
Representative candidates shall be allowed three (3) minutes to speak.
PRINTED MATERIAL: Printed material other than those materials made available by filed candidates or their repre-sentatives, must be approved for distribution by the Convention Chair prior to the Convention, unless the material has the author’s name and address on the material. The materials may be distributed to the delegates before, during, or after they erect posters, banners, or displays which comply with the regulations required for use of the building. Any person or candidate distributing material or erecting displays shall remove their material and displays from the building at the conclusion of the Convention, leaving the area as they found it. Candidates will be given additional instructions on the use of Buildings/grounds. Access to school property begins at 4:30 p.m. Booths are assign on a first come-first served basis.
PLATFORM: The Convention shall adopt the tenets set forth in the Platform of the Utah Republican Party.