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Presidential Vote & Precinct Info

It’s That Time of Year

The 2016 caucus is right around the corner–Tuesday, March 22nd.  We have several different training opportunities for our Precinct officers.  There are some changes again this year that you should come and learn about, even if you are a seasoned precinct officer. (See the dates, times, and locations available below.  Please click the link on the meeting(s) that you would like to attend to RSVP, so we have a count, and so you get used to using Eventbrite, because it will be utilized for other things as well.)

Convention Dates

County Convention is April 16th.  State Convention is April 23rd.

Backbone of the Party

Our Precinct Officers are truly the backbone of the party.  Without our awesome, dedicated precinct officers, this party would not be able to function.  Thank you for all the hard work you do to help our state vet and elect the best representatives!  Long live the Republic!

First ever Utah GOP Presidential Preference online voting.  First ever GOP Presidential Debate in Utah. Click here for more information.
Precinct Officer Trainings
Please RSVP for at least one of these training meetings.   The main training meeting is the one on March 3rd in South Ogden.  Refreshments will be served on the 3rd.
February 29 @6:30pm in North Ogden
Click here to RSVP for this training.March 1 @7:00pm in Riverdale
Click here to RSVP for this training.

March 3 @6:00pm in South Ogden
Click here to RSVP for this training.

March 8 @6:30pm in Roy
Click here to RSVP for this training.

March 10 @6:30pm in Huntsville
Click here to RSVP for this training.

March 12 @10:00am in Farr West
Click here to RSVP for this training.

Presidential Preference Vote
Preregister for Caucus

There will be no presidential primary in Utah this year!  The GOP presidential nominee will be chosen at the March 22nd caucus instead.You may either vote for president on a paper ballot in your precinct caucus, or you can preregister before March 15th to vote online on March 22nd.  Online voting will be available on the 22nd from 7am-11pm for those who have preregistered.  You must include a cell phone # to receive your pin for the online voting.

Click here to preregister for your caucus and/or to preregister to vote online for your presidential preference.  You MUST register before March 15th if you want to vote online on the 22nd.  (People do not have to attend their caucus if they only want to vote online for president.)

Voting for delegates and precinct officers will still take place in the caucus.

Visit our website for more information at
Click here for caucus handouts and other caucus training materials.
County officers:  Noall Knighton 801-726-9944 and Lynda Pipkin 801-686-8697
County Secretary: Melissa Marler 801-726-9879
County Treasurer: suzanne Ellison-Ferre 801-745-3098