Central Committee Meeting Update from December 11th

Thanks to all who attended our Central Committee meeting on December 11th. Chairman, Noall Knighton, did a nice training on our new Caucus Tracker system and gave us some updates concerning our new Neighborhood Caucus Election rules for 2014.

We also elected a new vice-chairman, Lynda Pipkin. Our previous vice-chairman, Christie Moore, had to resign due to some personal conflicts. Those who have served with Christie know what a dedicated, hardworking person she is. She is nothing short of amazing! Lynda will have some big shoes to fill, but thankfully Christie has been her mentor for the past few years.

We are currently working on locking down our Neighborhood Caucus Election locations. Hopefully we will have them ready by the middle of January.

We would like to offer a big thanks to our precinct chairs and vice-chairs who were able to make it to the meeting and those who have been able to log on to Caucus Tracker and update their records! They are the backbone of our caucus/convention/primary system. We are so grateful for all the time and effort they put into making our system function! They are often the unsung heroes, but heroes they are! So thank you!