Election Results

We are very pleased with the 2016 election results.  The county will certify their elections results tomorrow (Nov 22nd).  (Click here for elections results.  Click here for the certified Election Summary Report.)

We only had one county wide race.  Jim Harvey will be our newest county commissioner next January.

All of our republican state house and state senate candidates won their races.  (Senate Districts 19 & 20.  House Districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 29.)

All of our state wide Republican candidates won, as well as our federal delegation.

We are sad to lose Senator Scott Jenkins, but we welcome Gregg Buxton and look forward to working with him.  We also have one new house rep in District 11.  We thank Brad Dee for his service and welcome Kelly Miles as our new house rep.

It isn’t always easy to win political races and sometimes candidates take a beating in the newspapers.  So, we would like to give all of our candidates a big thank you for being willing to take on this responsibility.

As we hold our elected officials accountable and remind them about their duty to uphold the values in our party platform, let’s also take the time to thank them when they are doing things right.  All to often we only contact them when we are upset at things they have done, yet neglect to thank them for the good things they have done.