Infamous Secret Ballot

The Infamous “Secret Ballot”

This year for silly season a group of people are trying to discredit certain candidates by saying that they voted against transparency. They say that these candidates voted for a “secret ballot” vote, so their delegates wouldn’t know how they voted.

The facts:

  • The “secret ballot” vote was to be held in executive session.
  • SCC members are not allowed to talk about what happens in executive session to anyone.
  • So, having the “secret ballot” would only have made it so the other SCC members couldn’t see how we voted.  It had absolutely no effect on the transparency to our delegates or constituents.

Here is more background on what really happened:

In February, there was an unnoticed vote in the State Central Committee (SCC) meeting. There was a lot of bullying going on from both sides. We went into executive session, which means none of us are allowed to talk about what happened in the meeting. (Many committees enter into executive session to discuss sensitive issues, such as a lawsuit against the State regarding the 2014 legislation known as SB54.)

Many of the SCC members felt that they didn’t have all of the available information and that they were railroaded into voting a certain way. So, over 50 SCC members called a special session to have a thorough discussion about the subject and then have a recall vote by secret ballot, so nobody on either side felt bullied into voting one way or the other.

During the special session, a motion was made before we entered into executive session. The motion was to do away with the secret ballot. The motion was voted down, so someone called for a roll call vote. It took us about an hour to do all of the motions, debate, and eventually the roll call vote.

The purpose of the roll call vote was two-fold. First, to intimidate us into voting against the secret ballot. Second, to save as “evidence” to hurt those who voted against it.  (Talk about bully tactics.)  We all knew this, but the motion still failed even after the roll call vote.

We then went into executive session to discuss, debate, and vote on the issue at hand. I can’t tell you what happened during the executive session, except for what the party chair has released to the public. But, I will tell you this… By the time we finished receiving all of the information and hearing all of the comments, we were more united as a body than I have ever felt before. The shift was amazing.

We may, or may not, have even had the infamous “secret ballot”. I can’t tell you, because it was in executive session. You see, the only people who could see our votes, or not, were the other SCC members. It in no way changed what we were allowed to tell our delegates or our constituents.

So, if someone tries to use the “secret ballot” vote to try and discredit any of the candidates, you now know the truth.