Meet the 2012 GOP Candidates–June 8th

Weber County Republican Party has invited all 6 of the candidates running for the US Senate, Utah Auditor, and Utah Attorney General. We are also inviting the other elected officials and candidates who are running in county or state races.

This is an informal meet and greet where you can mingle with, speak to, and ask questions of your elected state, federal, and county officials and current candidates.

Light refreshments will be served and there is a playground nearby, so you may bring your children with you.

Since it is a political event there may be some blood suckers around, so we suggest that you bring some mosquito repellant with you–just in case.

Friday, June 8th
6:30 – 8:30 pm
Farr West Park
2090 N 2000 W
Farr West, Utah