Resolution on Property Tax Increases

District 12 Chair, Brent Odenwalder, presented a resolution at our October 12th executive committee meeting regarding the proposed property tax increase.  It basically asks our county commissioners to try to find another way to fund the pay raises for our sheriff office, without a property tax increase.  It passed unanimously.  (See attached pdf.)

Rather than just tell them to find another way to get the funding, we talked about coming up with some possible solutions that we could suggest.  So a couple members of our executive committee are meeting with some of our county officials to see if there is any way to cut some other expenses.  Our new vice chair, James Couts, and our District 8 vice chair, Charlie Lovatt, are the volunteers doing this.

Please let us know if you have any solutions or suggestions that would help with this issue.  (Check our contact us page for contact information.)

Please mark your calendar and plan on attending the public hearing at 6pm on November 29th!