State Law Regarding Rental Rates for Political Parties

For your information, and in case you need it for any reason. This is the law regarding political parties using public meeting buildings.

20A-8-404. Use of public meeting buildings by political parties.
(1) The legislative body of a county, municipality, or school district shall make all meeting facilities in buildings under its control available to registered political parties, without discrimination, to be used for political party activities if:

(a) the political party requests the use of the meeting facility at least 30 calendar days before the day on which the use by the political party will take place; and

(b) the meeting facility is not already scheduled for another purpose at the time of the proposed use.

(2) Subject to the requirements of Subsection (3) , when a legislative body makes a meeting facility available under Subsection (1) , it may establish terms and conditions for use of that meeting facility.

(3) The charge imposed for the use of a meeting facility described in Subsection (1) by a registered political party may not exceed the actual cost of:

(a) custodial services for cleaning the meeting facility after the use by the political party; and

(b) any service requested by the political party and provided by the meeting facility.

(4) An entity described in Subsection (1) shall, to the extent possible, avoid scheduling an event in a government building for the same evening as an announced party caucus meeting.

(5) This section does not apply to a publicly owned or operated convention center, sports arena, or other facility at which conventions, conferences, and other gatherings are held and whose primary business or function is to host such conventions, conferences, and other gatherings.